Mirko Vucicevich

Mirko Vucicevich
Department of Physics and Astronomy
University of Waterloo
Email: mirkovu@gmail.com

Mirko was hired in the Spring 2011 term to assist with the development of the IPES system. His job consisted of creating and maintaining software for controlling every aspect of the system, as well as ensuring that the user interface was usable and intuitive. In the Fall 2011 term he continued his work, but also began to perform research for a 437A/B project within the lab for the completion of his degree in physics.

He has now finished his undergraduate degree, receiving a B.Sc Honours Physics.

(Fall 2011) Gold Deposition in Preparation for Inverse Photoemission Spectroscopy (PHYS 437A Reseach Project):
After constructing the IPES system during the summer of 2011, the testing of different tools within the system was necessary to test the various tools within the system.
One necessity before IPES can be performed is to actively know where the Fermi-level of the system is. A method to finding this is to create an amorphous gold surface, and electrically connect it to the sample which IPES is being performed on. You can read more in my report.

(Winter 2012) Low Energy Electron Diffraction in Preparation for Inverse Photoemission Spectroscopy  (PHYS 437B Research Project):
After completing the work on preparing a gold surface in the 437A project, I’ve turned my attention to the second stage of sample preparation using the LEED installed in the IPES system. By using LEED, we can generate a diffraction pattern by firing a low energy electron beam at a sample and capturing the reflected electrons on a phosphorous screen. This allows us to determine the orientation of the lattice structure within the crystal as well as verify the sample surface cleanliness. Research will conclude in a poster session April 9th.

(Summer 2011 – present) Lead Programmer and UI designer for IPES System/Component designer
(Summer 2011-present) Assistant Component Designer/Fabricator for IPES System
(Winter 2012-present) Website Maintainer / Designer